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Submitted on
January 11, 2013


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Commission Info (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 11, 2013, 8:31 PM
You can pay with Paypal or points. Paypal preferred, but points are OK!

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #2 by Gasara


• Keep it PG, please. I don't want to draw anything mature! (I will do some gore and such, however.)
• Along with the above, I won't draw fetish art. Sorry.
• I will not post the commission until it is paid for.
• Please note me or e-mail me at to give me the details and references.
• It's unlikely that this will happen, but if I do not finish the commission in a month, I will refund so that it does not linger for months!
• For fully rendered commissions, I will send you the sketch where you can tell me to fix a few things, or just give the OK.

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #2 by Gasara


Changed CAD to USD 05/03/2013

!!!Additional characters cost $10 USD / 800 points (unless stated otherwise)!!!

• Fully colored with background = $35 USD / 2800 points
Forest Water by Cherkivi The Nightlife by Cherkivi I Won't Hurt You by Cherkivi
*Fully rendered picture along with a background.

• Fully colored with simple background = $25 USD / 2000 points
Dew Droplet by Cherkivi Katt by Cherkivi Amethyst by Cherkivi
*Fully rendered characters with a simple/plain background.

•  Painted Chibi = $15 USD / 1200 points

GO GO GOAT by CherkiviRosy Cheeks by CherkiviZeezal by Cherkivi
*A painted, simple drawing of something. Transparent background.

• Linearted Chibi = $10 USD / 800 points (extra characters cost $5)
Lyrical Example by CherkiviJulian Example by Cherkivi
*a small, linearted digital drawing of something. Transparent background.

• Traditional Chibi = $7 USD / 560 points (extra characters cost $5)
Doge Example Thing by CherkiviTwilight Example Thing by Cherkivi
*a small traditional + digital colored drawing of something. White background.

☆When Sending Your Note☆
The most efficient thing for me when you send a note / e-mail is if you provide me with your Paypal e-mail and character reference(s) with any extra ideas you have in mind such as backgrounds, poses, etc. I will send YOU an invoice (basically a request for the money) and I will start your commission once the payment is sent. (This isn't really for point commissioners, haha)

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #2 by Gasara

Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you!

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CelestialRainicorn Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow you have nice examples
xXCandyAngelXx Nov 22, 2013   Digital Artist
how much is it from Usa to Cad $?
so i can get a better price range for the commissions id want :3
Cherkivi Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They're almost exactly the same, but USA money is worth a little more than CAD so there's maybe so like $20 CAD may be something like $19.75 US (I'd rather tell you a real example but I'm not on a computer at the moment haha)
xXCandyAngelXx Nov 23, 2013   Digital Artist
oh okay haha thank you :)
Oh wow, such gorgeous work!! :heart: *w* Gosh, if possible, could I maybe have a speedpaint for 800?
Cherkivi Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh thank you so much!!! And yea, sure, what do you want me to draw??
^^ No problem!! Really, I'm honestly fangirling over the lovely art! *w* I'm so excited!! Alright, if it's not too difficult, think that I can have one of this OC?

I hope that it's not too much trouble, and of course, if you need anything else please let me know! If not, would it be alright if I sent the points now? :la:
Cherkivi Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh boy oh boy!!!!! What a neat design!
And yes, you can send the points now haha~ I have one thing to draw for someone else before I can get to yours but hopefully that won't take too long!!
Eee!! Yay!! :la: and omgosh, thank you so much!! :tighthug: I'll send them right away and of course! ^^ Do take all the time that you need!
DjPon33 Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Are u currently excepting points for your commissions? If so I'd love a chibi for 560 points of my…
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